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These guidelines are provided to aid those who may seek a grant from the Foundation.  Please read this document carefully to determine if your organization meets the requirements for funding, and for instructions on what to include in your Letter of Inquiry (application).

General Requirements

For any organization to receive funding from the Foundation, that organization must have a tax identification number as well as federal non-profit, tax-exempt agency status.

The following categories are those that the Foundation may fund:

  1. Christian ministry
  2. Christian education
  3. Christian outreach, particularly relief for the poor (Note:  recipients of care in this category should receive the message of Christ's love as well as the relief/aid)
  4. Cultural activities in the Paducah, KY area (Notes:  this category is very strictly limited; any organization applying for this category must also conform to the other areas of the charter, and must not support things that oppose those principles; contact with any questions before applying)
  5. Preservation of America's Judeo-Christian cultural, societal, and family values


For positive consideration from the Foundation, a non-profit organization must have

  • a reasonable history or expectation of success
  • a solid operational plan or strategy for successful use of grant funds
  • excellent leadership in management and on the governing board
  • accessibility for evaluation on request with measurable effectiveness and achievement


Letter of Inquiry

Your Letter of Inquiry need not be lengthy, but should include these items:

  • Provide a Point-of-Contact (POC), including e-mail address, phone, and postal address.
  • Describe your organization and provide proof of tax-exempt status.
  • Identify the category or categories from the list on this document that your activity supports, and briefly describe how you accomplish that.  Explain the anticipated benefits and who receives them.
  • Briefly describe the specific project or use for the funds you are seeking.  Specify the amount of the request, as well as the overall budget for the project if applicable.  If other sources of funding are required to underwrite your project, please also summarize that.
  • Provide a list of your management staff and governing board.
  • Explain how the grant could be monitored to ensure compliance with law and the guidelines for use of the funds.

Submitting Requests

Send your request in .PDF format via electronic mail:


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